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Kevin Dean Ramler: Gallery

Kevin Dean Ramler was born on a Tuesday. When he was 12 he bought a jaw harp at a museum gift shop while on a family road trip tracing the path of the Oregon Trail. In 2005 he abandoned his dream of becoming a theatre major and took ceramics class at Richland Community College. Since then he has received two art degrees, made thousands of things, embraced the museum life, and adopted two dogs and a cat. He currently lives with his wife in Cheyenne, Wyoming and manages exhibits and programs for the Wyoming State Museum

Kevin thinks that his art can help other people explore their own creative impulse and so he creates objects and events that people can use to make their own art, sounds, and stories. It's a whole, big thing with lots of layers, but that’s not important right now.

Like most artists Kevin can be a bit insecure, occasionally he is riddled with self-doubt, but mostly he thinks what he does is awesome. Kevin hopes you like his work. If you want to see pictures of his work in progress, his pets, and his adventures in homebrewing and hiking you can follow him on instagram @kevindeanramler.  

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Kevin Dean Ramler: TeamMember
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